How to Test shift solenoid

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Where's the "any" key?
Where's the "any" key?
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How to Test shift solenoid

Post by bpranes »

Looking for the proper ohm readings I should be looking for from my solenoids. Here' my original issue copied from another forum.. :
88 Cherokee 4.6, AW4, NP231 all rebuilt approx. only 40 miles ago.
Start with what happened leading up to the issue:
Got exhaust put on new motor at shop, drove the jeep around town a little bit and to orielly's and back. Used reverse several times, no issues. Drive it home a few days later, no issues on the drive except for turning up my driveway. As I'm going up my steep driveway the tranny feels like it slipped or something. I had to stop and then get on it again and it was fine.
Got in it the next day, warmed it up went to move it and no reverse. Doesn't even try to shift. Acts like neutral. Has all forward gears.
I know it is not the shift linkage, I checked it and made absolutely sure.
I know it is not the fluid level. Checked it several times, (before the exhaust shop, @ exhaust shop, @ oriellys, on the way home, and at home.) Never had an issue with the fluid level.
When I pulled the pan I found these two metal fluid transfer lines.
They were both dropped down about 1/4" like the one on the left. I pushed the one on the right up before I snapped the picture to show the difference. Could this be the cause?
Regardless, how do I get those lines to make sure they don't drop again?
Next, how do I test my solenoids for ohms, what readings should I be looking for, and which one is for reverse?
Thanks in advance,
Where's the "any" key?
Where's the "any" key?
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Re: How to Test shift solenoid

Post by jeeppoor »

Did you get this figured out?
I have the CD on AW4 and can send you the directions on how to check the solenoids.
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