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High fuel pressure and idle at 1500

Posted: April 27th, 2023, 1:31 pm
by Jeepking1995
93 yj, 4.6 stroker,Was driving around in the sand on the beach for the day and I was running pretty hot almost at redline but never to it, anyway I think I that is unrelated, on the short trail back to the road my check engine came on and started idling at 1000, I have a afr gauge as well it was reading 9-10, pretty rich, go park to air up and start back up, idles at 1000, and about 14.7 on the afr gauge, it was kinda jumpy, the next day I try it out, it idles at 1500 now, the checks I have done, I'm getting codes 52 and 21, because I'm running rich I already new that, I have a fuel pressure gauge on my rail it reads 60psi with the regulator hooked up and disconnected at all rpms, and drops right back down to nothing right when the vehicle is turned off, I know this is way wrong, my understanding this is most likely not a electrical issue/bad sensor making my fuel pressure high, the fuel system is all mechanical, what would be the logical thing to do/troubleshoot next, I pretty much restored this thing in the past 2 years, new fuel lines all the way back, all new sensors along with the stroker build, and Axle upgrades, but I know new things can go bad too

Re: High fuel pressure and idle at 1500

Posted: May 1st, 2023, 7:57 am
by Old XJ
Might start with checking the return line.
Maybe unhook it and blow through it with compressed air.
Next would be the fuel pressure regulator.
Could also check for a vacuum leak of some kind on the intake.
With it warming up a little more than usual might be something there.
Hope that helps I’m just guessing.


Re: High fuel pressure and idle at 1500

Posted: May 3rd, 2023, 4:52 am
by Jeepking1995
Is it safe to blow all the way to the sender, I know there is a black thing on the end from pictures I don't want it to fall off in the tank, is ot some kind block to prevent backlog, gonna try it and hope it works