91-95 obd1 ECU capacitor repcaement fix

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91-95 obd1 ECU capacitor repcaement fix

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So I was having starting issues for sometime that mimicked fuel pressure issues or hot fuel issues because of the duel fuel line system, until finally my Jeep just would crank but not fire up.

I noticed that my check engine light wouldn't turn on with the key in the "on" position and I couldn't hear my fuel pump switching on in the "on" position too so I came to the conclusion the my ECU wasn't getting any power until I noticed all of those things that wouldn't switch on, actually switched on after accidentally leaving the key ion the "on" position for an extended period of time. My Jeep would then fire up, but then die after running for a bit so I did research and found that all signs pointed to the ECU.

I was thinking of finding an ECU at the pick and pull junkyard, but there would still be no guarantee if it'll be compatible with my Jeep, so I decided to give the swapping out the three capacitors fix a try figuring that I had nothing to lose and it worked. I pretty much followed this guy's tutorial in the link below, and now I feel like looking for my other bad ECU and swapping out the capacitors, but this time using a de-soldering tool for a cleaner job. I mean, I did try to be as careful and clean as possible with just using my soldering gun, but I was worried that I held that heat gun against the solder for too long as I tried pulling the capacitors out...but everything seems to be ok and it starts up waaay better than before.

For example, before I would have starting issues after driving it around for sometime that mimicked hot fuel in the fuel rail, but now it starts right up even after stop and go driving in this heat. Maybe down the line I should invest in a new or re manufactured ECU.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYJnBob ... um&index=2
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