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3727 crank build possibilities

Posted: July 17th, 2022, 2:55 pm
by Donerlord719
I just came across a 3727 crank recently and am looking for what build it is capable of handling in a build. I currently have a 4.7 and am looking to have something much more capable power wise. I’ll soon decide on a Ford or dodge trans.

Re: 3727 crank build possibilities

Posted: July 18th, 2022, 6:45 pm
by Randy Bobandi
How many broken Jeep crankshaft stories are floating around out there? Not many right? The factory ductile iron cranks are pretty dang strong. Though I would rather have the fully counterweighted crankshaft for high cylinder pressure, like 160 PSI type of cylinder pressure, just to limit deflection and extend rod bearing life.

I'm assuming that power capability refers for forced induction. The weak link is almost always the head gasket when turbocharging any engine. The engine will push water long before it breaks the crankshaft. If a cylinder sucks in enough water to lock it up during a full rip, even a billet 300M crank is gonna snap. 2618 pistons and a set of forged rods are more important. The 3727 crank has 4 counterweights right? What are you comparing this crank to?