LEAN CODES 0171 AND 0174

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LEAN CODES 0171 AND 0174

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we purchased a 2005 LJ that had a new Titan 4.7 engine with only 200 miles. it has a check engine light with P0171 and 0174
codes. Iv"e repaired several vacuum leaks and the fuel trims have improved but are still high. The engine runs fine but I think
its because fuel trims are maxed out. My question is, does the longer stroke create a lean condition? I feel as though i"m reaching
for the stars here but I"m really frustrated and don"t know where to look. Here is a list that"s been done.
Brake Booster
Fuel pump
Injector o-rings
throttle body
exhaust manifolds
evap purge solenoid
I don"t know anything about the Jeep previous to our purchase. it may of had a check engine problem before. The fuel trims are
higher at idle and this points to vacuum leak. Iv"e sprayed the engine with brake clean when cold and get nothing. It always sets the
code when the engine is cold at idle. I figure that"s when the O2 sensors are starting to come online. Any help would be appreciated on this
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