OBDII simple wire diagram? Electrical gurus

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I made it to triple digits!
I made it to triple digits!
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OBDII simple wire diagram? Electrical gurus

Post by Zorm »

Guys, got a 83 Cherokee (last year of the big ones) that I have been putting a 4.6 poor mans stroker in for the past 4 years, slow project. I was splicing in a OBDI ECU and harness but then I found a OBDII ECU and engine harness uncut in a junk yard and picked it up.

So, I was using some wire diagrams for the OBDI I found on line and a few folks shot to me that were way simpler than the FSM ones. Now, for the OBDII harness, all I can seem to find is a FSM ones that have pages of diagrams I need to try and piece together, does anyone have or has made a one page diagram for the OBDII.

When I removed the ecm from the 2000 jeep, it has three plugs, two of the plugs had wires going towards the engine, the 3rd plug bundle goes to the PDU and into the passenger compartment, I cut all those wires and kept the plug. If I must use the FSM pages and piece something together, anyone know how the FSM diagram designates the three plugs that connect to the ecu? I need to see what wires on that third plug I really need.

Why the shift to the OBDII, well, I picked up a Mercedes supercharger that I want to plumb into the system and I have heard the OBDII system would be able to tune better for the supercharger. I also thought the coil rail and non dizzy would be cool, well, now that I saw the Viper coil rail post, going that route.

thanks for any help guys
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