What's this save a draft business?

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What's this save a draft business?

Post by charley3 »

I typed up a post to start a thread. Somehow I accidentally clicked save a draft. Now I can't find the draft to post it.
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Re: What's this save a draft business?

Post by Muad'Dib »

There are a couple of different ways to access draft messages. Drafts are specific to the thread or forum that you saved it from.

If you go to reply to the message that you were going to originally apply to but instead saved a draft you will have a "Load Draft" option as seen below. Additionally, if you go to create a new message in the forum you previously saved a draft in, you will also have the "Load Draft" option:
Load Draft.png
If you don't remember the thread you were going to reply to, are creating a new one, or just want to view your previously saved drafts, you can do so in your User Profile. To access your User Profile, click the down arrow next to your username in the upper right hand corner and then select "User Control Panel". Alternatively, you can use the following link:


Once your in to your control panel, the default tab it takes you to is labeled "Overview". Below this you should see a section you can click on called "Manage Drafts". See Below:
Manage Drafts.png
Hope that helps
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