Finally Wiring up my CJ7

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Where's the "any" key?
Where's the "any" key?
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Finally Wiring up my CJ7

Post by datmony »

I am finally to wiring up my CJ. Been a LONG LONG road to get here with a few hiccups along the way. Since I first started the ground up build and the associated stroker build there has been a couple setbacks, namely the original 1986 body getting crushed by a falling tree in a windstorm and destroying half the house including the garage and everything having to go to cold storage while the house got rebuilt and me having to look for another CJ body. Let's just say that might have added a teensy amount of time to the schedule that was unplanned. :)

Fast forward to now, the '86 body in all its twisted sheet metal sadness now sits at the back of the property as a testament to best intentions and a new to me very clean 1981 body has now taken its place as "the jeep". I finally have all of the parts and am doing the final mock up assembly of things before firing up the motor (once complete everything comes back apart as the body and all other sheet metal is going for an acid bath and sealer, but finally assembly should be relatively easy since it will just be a big erector set).

Because this has become such a hodge podge of differing Frankenstein parts and a bunch of different wiring systems that don't belong in a stock CJ, I have decided to build my own harness using a Painless Wiring 18 circuit fuse box I had and then a mixture of old and new wiring. I am keeping where possible things to the same color wiring and circuit layout as stock so that the stock wiring diagrams in many instances are applicable and then where things have to be custom, I am documenting the heck out of things and will be building out ancillary schematics off of the copious notes I have been taking about what goes where.

I have been hooking everything up and am close to coming out the other side but had a few questions that I am hoping to get a little help on from folks to either confirm my assumptions, or at least guide me on a direction forward. A bit of background on the setup I am running, the motor is a 2002 based 4.0 now a 4.6. I will be running that era of accessories on the motor but running a '95 based ODBI injection setup from the Hesco fuel injection kits. To work with the stroker, there is a piggy backed Uni-Chip in the mix that I will use for all of the required mapping changes and that will be the basis of the tuning.

Couple question areas where I could use some help:

1. 4 wire multi- plug just down from headlight plug - Trying to figure out what this plug is for. It is a four wire, multi plug similar in look to the plus for the wiper motor or for the rear harness. In this plug at has a white (goes to headlight switch), a grey (goes to the dimmer switch) and a black and orange that I am guessing are for some sort of dash lighting. Does anyone know the purpose of this plug? I am wondering if it is for fog lights or something perhaps but don't know. I would like to know what it is before I delete it from the harness.

2. Ignition plugs on top of the column - since I am using the external fuse box that is not stock, I am wondering what in this set of two plugs can be eliminated and keep the ignition simple. Am I correct in thinking that this set of two plugs operates two fold and that although it does complete the circuit for the key to fire up the starter, that it is also being used as a junction box for several areas of the system and that several of those junctions have now likely moved over to the fuse block itself.

3. Red and Blue small wires from the Start Solenoid - where do each of these respectively go in the ignition system? I think the blue is the actual ignition one and trying to understand what the red is for and where both connect.

4. Field wires/Exciter wires for the alternator - I am running a later model motor. The alternator is also a 2002 style mean green alternator. I have the output of the alternator figured out but I do not have the field wires figured out there. There are a blue and a green. Which is the exciter wire of the two? Which of the two wires should have the alternator diode on it and which way should that diode flow electricity? Where should both of the wires connect into the larger system?

Please let me know of any areas where I did not give enough detail for my questions. I will in parallel try to figure out the answers on my own but if someone can give me some tips that can unblock my thinking it would be really appreciated. Thanks!!

My keyboard is getting warn out
My keyboard is getting warn out
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Re: Finally Wiring up my CJ7

Post by jsawduste »

Matt, if you want to PM your phone number I can talk to you about some of this.

I see a couple of issues if I am understanding things properly.

The OBD1 system will not support the OBD2 coil pack head if I am reading your post correctly.

The alternator has two wires. One is spliced into the coil and ASD relay. The other to the ECM. No diode need.

Let`s talk and try to baseline what you have and are doing.

The ignition switch will have I1, I2 and I3. I1 is accessories. I2 is run and I3 is starting.

I am in Michigan so its EST zone.
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