P1694, P0351, P0122

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P1694, P0351, P0122

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A bit of back story...

99 XJ. Took a swim, drove it home the next day, drove it for another week or two then I had zero compression in cylinder one so I parked it for a while. Eventually I took the head off and found the valve seats to be pitted on many of the cylinders. I decided that I wanted to build a stroker but needed a vehicle quick so I bought a motor from a 98 Grand Cherokee and threw it in. Life happened and I never got the swap finished. Jeep sat a few years.

I've gotten around to it and on the first attempt to fire I threw code P1694, no BUS between TCM and PCM, OBDII port was dead so to even pull that code I had to throw my PCM in our other 99 XJ, I also threw the TCM in there to make sure neither were fried. Both are fine so issue is with wiring or sensors. I replaced crank position sensor, the OBDII port now works. But now have the P0351 and P0122 codes, one is for ignition coil and TPS sensor. I was getting no spark so tested the coil, it was fine, check to see if it was getting power, it was not, checked every fuse and relay, all good. Checked the wires and the coil connector has continuity to ground and power so I steipped the harness out and found where the wires were shorting between eachother.

My question is, is there anything else I should be checking before I put the harness back in? I found a few more wires that were cracked and I just taped them up for now, believe those were for the distributor. With the new codes I still had P1694, could the coil wires shorting cause all of that? And the TPS issues as well?
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