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Custom Profile Fields

Post by Muad'Dib »

I just added a couple of profile fields that i thought would be good to have.

Code: Select all

Do you own a Stroker?:
If you own a Stroker, what is the Displacement?:
These fields can be answered in the "User Control Panel" under the "Profile" tab.

I made the first question required, but the second optional. They are both also seen at registration time.

Now what i would like to know is what other custom profile fields do you guys think we should have here?

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Re: Custom Profile Fields

Post by Mgardiner1 »

I think it would be a good idea to standardize the measurement as CID rather then liter. Its a little more accurate, and anybody built or building a stroker should definitly know
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Re: Custom Profile Fields

Post by 4.whoa »

It could be useful / interesting to have a "actual intended purpose" slot. Just because i may drive my jeep every day doesn't mean i'm gonna build it like an plain old d.d. It's still my toy and is/will be built to run as such. :D

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Re: Custom Profile Fields

Post by yuppiexj »

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