Want to help out and contribute? Step up to the plate.

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Want to help out and contribute? Step up to the plate.

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Here's a few ideas I'd like to see, that could be easily contributed by us, that in my opinion could be helpful to Chris.

FAQ's We need a FAQ thread to sticky at the top of Stroker basics at least and possibly the other major topics.
A robust stroker calc (Not Andreas calc which breaks for some people) that could plug in or be easily integrated into JeepStrokers. (Obviously this would require scripting knowledge and would need to be secure and robust).
Mod write ups with pics in the Strokers tech section (individual mods)
Project write ups with pics in the Projects section (whole ongoing builds, of Vehicles or Engines)
Tech specs of any and everything related jeep performance that might be useful sticky'ed on a site like this. Obviously we don't need to know how much lift to fit 33's on a TJ. But the top thickness of various pistons and how deep they can be dished? Good stuff!
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Re: Want to help out and contribute? Step up to the plate.

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Un-Stickied... not really needed any longer.
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