93 xj 4.0 died at 150k time to stroke it

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93 xj 4.0 died at 150k time to stroke it

Post by Tonyt22 »

So was planing to slowly build the 98 long block I have on the side of the shop but the jeep had other ideas.
Cracked a piston and cylinder head in cylinder 1
So going to rebuild it and use the head off the 98 and put it on the 93 block
Trying to do a budget build kinda hard with today's prices
So far still tearing down the 4.0
Build want to get a parts list together to be ready any tips or insight will be much appreciated.

So planing on stroking to a 4.6 want to be able to run 87-89 octane and play nice with the stock ecu. So believe I need to keep my compression to 8.8 to 1 or 9.3 to 1 or at least in that ball park.
So far my recipe is a 4.2 crank with stock rods and .30 over pistons , new lifters and cam ( still haven't decided on a cam yet )
New rockers and push rods.
Should I upgrade the timing set and oil pump ?
Also should I just have the shop look over my stock rods or should I pick some up
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Re: 93 xj 4.0 died at 150k time to stroke it

Post by geeknahalf »

Hey there,

Any progress? post is almost a year old, just wonderin...

No need to upgrade timing and oil, if you're not going racing, just replacing just put new ones in.

4.6 may not play nice w ECU, I had to have mine tuned. Wouldn't run otherwise... but I have some HP parts as well, not sure if made a diff or not..

good luck!
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