New stroker… only runs cold

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New stroker… only runs cold

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Good afternoon,
I finally finished a stroker build on an 04 TJ. It is .060 over with a 12CW crank. I used Russ Pottengers pistons and scat rods that he bushed for me. A Comp cam 250/258 04 style cam with the retention plate. I have scorpion roller rockers and comp valve springs that were used before the stroker was built.
My issues began after I wanted to fire it up for break in. I would get a continuous slow crank with no start. I replaced the ckps and the pigtail as a the pigtail wires looked devolved for some reason. The engine ran well when I pulled the engine because of a wiped cam lobe.

I finally got the engine to start and proceeded with the cam break in process which is done.
When the engine is cold it will start, run, idle and drive just fine. Once it warms up I noticed that it will not idle and when I let it try to idle it will drop to about 400 rpm’s, drop oil pressure and turn off. After it shuts off and is warm it will not start again until it cools off.

Background on diagnostics so far. I have HP tuners and have ran it enough to know that it is at 34* of spark no matter the rpm which tells me I still have an issue that is spark related. The ckps, cps, and coil rail all have continuity and the cps is new with a new opdm as well all genuine mopar parts.
Where should I turn to next?

As far as the dropping in oil pressure I think it is because then engine is at too low of an rpm as it has a new standard volume oil pump and with the valve cover off and engine running I visibly see oil coming up through the rockers evenly.
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