Complete 4.2 in good running order

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Complete 4.2 in good running order

Post by mrtappan »

I have the complete 4.2 out of the jeep I'm putting the stroker in. It's head to toe complete. All accessories, carb, etc. It ran fine. We drove the jeep regularly until it was pulled once I got the stroker back from the machine shop. Mileage unknown as with any old car. I would't trust the odometer anyways. Thinking about $800 sounds good for a running engine if anyone needs one. Of course, I am not going to ship it but I am located on the water in south Mississippi 39501. Is $800 a reasonable price?

I also have a 4.0 head, block, crack, rods, etc. and a 4.2 block, head, and accessories. 4.0 is complete. I am keeping the intake/ECu/wiring until my stroker is running (I have one ODBI 4.0 and one ODBII 4.0). The 4.2 was the donor for the stroker build so it doesn't have a crank or rods but it was a newer 4.2 with the short nose. If you want anything let me know. I might ship some of the parts, but not the engine. Too much trouble. Just PM me. I don't check this site everyday but if it notifies via email I have a PM then I'll try to get back to you.

I also have a Comp Cams 163-201-5 with a timing set for $300 that I'll ship. I bought it in error and put it in the block then realized I had the wrong cam. So it was never ran or even had lifters set on it.

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