megasquirt tables/maps

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megasquirt tables/maps

Post by Fringeless »

I just installed megasquirt3 in my 92 cherokee stroked to 4.6. Just wondering if anyone can share an .msq to get this thing running. I am going to have it tuned eventually, but in the mean time, i need to get this thing on the road. I know jack about where to set timing and fuel etc.
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Re: megasquirt tables/maps

Post by bkernes »

I trust you got your Cherokee up and running because I'm curious as to what you had to do to make it happen!

I just stroked my 92 YJ to 4.6, installed a CompCams 68-232-4 with beehive springs, ported the head, and built a 3" exhaust system but it just doesn't run well with the OBD1 ECM. At least that's my thought as of today.

It started on the first crank but it doesn't run well at idle and I am hesitant to drive it while it's running poorly.

Would you mind sharing your experience, Megasquirt or otherwise, with me?


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Re: megasquirt tables/maps

Post by StrokerWannaBe77 »

Curious what you ended up doing with the microsquirt install?
I’ve got a stroker and OBD1 1995 ZJ and I’m considering doing the same thing. Haven’t found anything online of someone writing up about a MicroSquirt Jeep install. Have you?
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