4wd Full Time at high speeds

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4wd Full Time at high speeds

Post by ‘01SilverXJ »

Hi guys, I’m just trying to find out if it is okay to use 4wd full time at higher speeds on the freeway or not. Thanks
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Re: 4wd Full Time at high speeds

Post by fibersport »

I guess it depends on what kind of 4WD it is. I have also had this question in mind as my experience with 4WD is a 1998 Isuzu Trooper with shift on the fly drive. You basically push a button and it engages the transfer case and the front differential. It is not their Torque on Demand which is more automatic as needed, it's kind of a cross between true 4WD and an easier way to engage it. It will also bind up on dry pavement when engaged. Our other vehicles are my Audi A4 Quattro, my wife's GMC Acadia and my sons Infinity G35X - all with all wheel drive which you cannot select. AWD is designed to be driven on all surfaces at all times whereas 4WD is not. I think my Trooper manual says not to exceed 55 mph and I have had it in 4WD by accident for about 15 miles driving over 55. It was a straight road with no turns so I didn't even notice it. In trying to answer the question in my mind, why would one want to use 4WD at high speeds? If the answer is because the roads might be slick or snowy in spots, then I would say maybe the higher speeds are too fast for conditions. This is all my $0.02 worth of thoughts - I would like someone to chime in on this too!
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