fuel injector harness loom

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fuel injector harness loom

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Hello all. I am a newbie here. I have had my 1990 jeep for many years. I initially did a 4.0 head and MPFI fuel injection conversion several years ago. but recently I have felt the engine was getting pretty tired. it failed the leakdown test on 2 cylinders and my oil pressure was running almost unreadable at Idle so I decided to pull the trigger on a stroker. I bought a Golen 4.6 stroker and started the install over the weekend. my problem is that my new engine comes with ARP head bolts and the way the valve cover is designed there is not enough room for the stock stud and nut combination. that leaves me with an annoying dilemma, since the studs are not there I can't mount the stock wiring harness loom to them. so I looked on here to see other peoples solutions. I have looked quite a bit but have not found anything that fits my needs. I will attach a picture of my engine and maybe some of you can show me some pictures of how you managed to fix it.

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