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FNG to the forum, not new to Jeeps

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FNG to the forum, not new to Jeeps

Post by derf » November 23rd, 2020, 9:24 am


Dropping by to say hi. I've been Jeeping for 2 decades now and I've had a number of straight 6 Jeeps. I currently have an 87 Comanche that's undergoing a significant build. I also have an 01 XJ that is mildly built (on 32's). The XJ is making bottom end noise so I'm probably going to have to upgrade that one first. The MJ may stay as a 4.0 for a while because it's running smooth. But the long term plan is to have strokers in both. I haven't decided whether I'm going to swap out the Renix injection in the 87 for HO when I do the stroker swap. Gotta research that for a while.

I'll probably pick up used blocks to rebuild for each Jeep (I know about the block differences between the year ranges so I know I'll need one for each Jeep). I want to have the stroker ready to go so I can swap them in over a weekend instead of having my Jeeps down for months.

I'm mostly here to do research. I've been on forums for decades so I won't be "that guy" who asks all the questions that I can find using the search button. I may chime in on a few things but I'll probably lurk for a while before I really get into contributing anything.
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