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91 Comanche - wanting a super stroker

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red mistress
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91 Comanche - wanting a super stroker

Post by red mistress » August 29th, 2019, 12:56 pm

New to this wonderful forum ! My head is spinning from searching !

I've been searching for a 4.0 HO 91-92 MJ 4x4 Eliminator for 9 years for my Red Jeep collection and finally found clean one.

My plans for truck is a street machine, cyclone killer.

Anyways looking to have a reliable stroker and Boostech supercharger on OBD1 (which i read is not good idea) as can't tune properly?

350 to 400 HP on 92 octane non-ethanol fuel would be a dream.

Live in TX and it's hot-n- humid and XJ's hard to keep cool especially AW4.

So my thought of supercharger is would only make heat when wanted :rockout:

I don't know a-lot about motors specifics and especially not the computer controlled stuff, so I'm total newbie... but am very interested in learning :cheers:
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