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Johnnybertone's WJ Stroker build thread

Project vehicle blogs or "mod diary" specific threads only.. Pics encouraged!!
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Johnnybertone's WJ Stroker build thread

Post by JohnnyBertone » May 2nd, 2017, 10:58 am


So i'm going to be posting my progress as well as questions for my build. im planning on doing a high Revving mild compression (9:1) "nitrous safe" Build

Starting point:
03 WJ Block, 03 0331 Tupy head, cracked piston skirt but clean cylinder walls, and absolutly ZERO knowledge of strokers and how to piece one together. so it's safe to say i'm learning as i go. the goal and part of the whole reason im builing this is to learn how to build a motor from the ground up, and to be able to be proud of my build, and be able to say i built it myself, rather than throw money at a shop and have it built for me.

parts im considering so far are
a .030 3.905 piston setup with 4.0 rods
Comp Cams 68-235-4 (custom 99+ rep being that i have a cam plate not a pin + Spring)
1.6 rockers
head porting w stock valves (heavier springs if needed)
4.2 crank.
having the machine work for the block and head done by a well respected shop here on Long Island, and everything else i'm doing myself
all other suggestions are welcome as i'm not years deep with experience of building and hoing and the like.
pics will come as the build happens :D

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Re: Johnnybertone's WJ Stroker build thread

Post by Bigwhite96xj » February 6th, 2018, 8:56 am

Made any progress

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