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Stroker for Eagle

Posted: November 3rd, 2018, 12:16 pm
by uncle-asa
My Eagle's engine is almost dead and I'm looking for options to get Eagle back to road. I don't want to spend lots of efforts to MPI conversion, etc., but rather looking for options to build good and reliable engine that will last at least 100k miles more since the car is no longer daily driver. Once I have to rebuild engine anyway I considering to buy good donor 4.0 engine and either build 4.0 or stroker. In either case I'll fresh-up donor engine, but I don't want to replace camshaft.
Also I want to keep V-belts design.
As far as I understand I will definitely need pan from my current engine.
- Should I need more power water pump and what is part number to look for if I will need it?
- What combination of rods/pistons to install if I want to be on budget and don't mind to pump it up with 91?
- What carb to install if go for stroker? I'm thinking about MC2150. Either way I want to replace current carb which is not original.