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Drop-in rear?

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I made it to triple digits!
I made it to triple digits!
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Drop-in rear?

Post by DaemonForce » December 23rd, 2017, 12:31 pm

I need an update to my stock rear axle for durability on the trail. That could literally be anything else because it's the Model 35. I'm planning on big mudder tires and a low gear transfercase later on that won't be ready in time for offroading adventures after next month. I'm looking for drop-in candidates in the form of the Dana 44, Chrysler 8.25" or Ford 8.8" and need suggestions on where to look. Every time I find a Dana 44 in a Jeep it misses a stipulation by being too narrow, using coil perches or having non-staggered or missing shock mounts. The only drop-in candidates seem to be the Model 20 from another AMC and I've decided against going that route as the majority of abuse is going to come from structural integrity than the constant romp of comparable V8 power. Suggest a potential drop-in axle and where to find it.

Full length
Leaf OVER axle perches
Staggered shock mounts

Everything else I can figure out myself but I need the donor first.
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Re: Drop-in rear?

Post by farna » January 8th, 2018, 10:40 am

Closest thing you will find is a Ford Explorer. There are NO "drop-in" axles. You're going to have to change shock mounts and spring pads. The width is close though. Eagle axles are 60.5" wheel surface to wheel surface, Explorer axles are 59.5", so the Explorer 8.8" is an inch narrower. 93-09 Ranger 8.8" axles are 58.5" wide.
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