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OBDII reprograming

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I made it to triple digits!
I made it to triple digits!
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OBDII reprograming

Post by Zorm » July 2nd, 2018, 9:07 pm

Kinda a stroker question. I built my stroker for my 83 Cherokee, but now, well, now going to slap a Ford 351W in it and put the 4.7 stroker in my daughters 03 TJ that has the 2.4L now. I found out I can use the ecu, and engine harness out of a 4.0 jeep to replace her 2.4L. I pulled an OBDII 3 plug ecu and engine harness out of a 2000 Cherokee 2wd auto when I was going to put it in my Cherokee. Is there anyway the reprogramming guys can change that ecu to a manual tranny and 4x4? or should I try and find a ecu for a 03 4.0 TJ for her TJ.

Also before I get all the typical " just sell it and buy a 4.0 jeep" or "if your going to swap in a larger engine, do a v8" or "its not worth all the parts you need to get" I already have the engine, nv3550 tranny and transfer case. As far as the wiring, the 3rd or 1st connector, how ever you look at it, that goes into the passengers area, is the same for the 2.4L, 2.5L and 4.0L TJs.

I also need to decide, if its easier to swap the input gear from the 95 231 into her 03 231 or swap out the tail housing's. Her 231 now has the 21 spline, (its 21 spline because it mated to the ax5 manual tranny) the 95 231 I picked up has the 23 spline so it will mate to the nv3550. Her 03 231 has the factory short tail end, the 95 one has the long tail end, its from a Cherokee. Anyone what to chime in about the transfer cases?

thanks for any help.

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