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First stroker build

Performance mods and Advanced Stroker discussion.
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First stroker build

Post by Nevelxx18 » February 20th, 2018, 10:12 am

I’m new on here so haven’t gotten time to read to many posts. I’m looking to build my first stroker motor. I have a 97 TJ AX15 axles are geared to 4.56 and currently running 35’s. Now motor I have a low mileage motor that was currently bored 0.040 over. Not sure if the block was decked or not. Basing everything off of that it was not decked til I can measure and find out for sure. I would like to stick with the 0.040 over to avoid more machine work costs. I have a 4.2 crank and a set of 4.0 rods. That’s all I have so far. I’m wanting to try and get around 300 horsepower if possible without spending a crazy ton of money. Wanting to run IC945 pistons with the 10.8cc dish. Which should keep my compression ratio around 10.3:1 at my altitude of roughly 528 feet. Would I be able to run 93 octane fuel with a cast iron head? As far as cam goes I’m not dead set on anything yet. Based compression off of previous cam I used which was comp cam 68-232-4. Any other camshaft ideas to get me to the 300 horsepower range would be greatly appreciated. I have a cylinder head in mind but currently cannot find where I seen it to get the specific specs. I do remember it was ported with bigger valves 1.94 intake and 1.55 exhaust. With a three angle valve cut on the intake. 54cc combustion chambers. head gasket being the 0.043 thickness. For injectors I have a set of 703 four hole injectors and a ported horseshoe style intake. Anyone have any ideas on what for cam I should be using and if this would be a good recipe for a stroker build reaching around 300 horsepower?

Russ Pottenger
I love JeepStrokers.com!!
I love JeepStrokers.com!!
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Re: First stroker build

Post by Russ Pottenger » February 20th, 2018, 1:39 pm

I'd recommend tweaking your recipe just a bit.

One of the many problems with a limiting your choice to the IC945 Piston is that it will require you to surface the block roughly .025 to .030 to get you to a zero deck.

Zero deck with a .043 gasket will put you at a static of 11.4:1, way too high for pump gas. Lowering the piston in the cylinder to reduce compression ratio will kill your combustion efficiency.

Feel free to shoot me a call or email and I'd be happy to send you information on my custom stroker piston and connecting rod combination.

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