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Forum Mission Statement

Performance mods and Advanced Stroker discussion.
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Where's the "any" key?
Where's the "any" key?
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Forum Mission Statement

Post by TNT » February 13th, 2008, 8:18 pm

The common theme here is advanced technical information and questions.

What belongs in this forum?

What pistons and rods to use. Which crank is stronger and what modifications need to be done to it. Which heads flow the best. Which cam and valve spings are correct for your needs. How to port heads for improved flow. What the proper piston height and amount of quench that is needed. Which intake manifold and throttle modifications are best. What injectors to use. How to run a piggyback computer and fine tune it. What are the proper Air/Fuel ratios.

This should have given you some ideas of what belongs here.

Think of this as a college level forum, so don't post grade school topics here. Grade school questions belong in the Strokers Basics forum.

This forum is for the the guys that think outside of the box, put their blood and sweat into their builds, aren't afraid of the of intense builds, and enjoy building totally custom engines that are tuned to perfection.
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Re: Forum Mission Statement

Post by Muad'Dib » February 14th, 2008, 8:41 am

Thanks for this .. stuck and made an announcement. Please contact me via PM if you think content should be added to it!
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