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Stroker Parts List FAQ

All FAQ's Go here... Most basic questions can be answered if you look here!
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Stroker Parts List FAQ

Post by Cheromaniac » January 30th, 2012, 11:55 am

To save many Jeepers the trouble of deciding where to source parts for their stroker, I'll make it easy by posting links for them. Summit Racing is the main parts source but you may need to buy some parts from other sources.

258 crankshaft: Ebay, 505 Performance, Hesco
Connecting rods: Reuse stock 4.0, 505 Performance, Hesco
ARP rod bolts: Summit Racing
Pistons & rings: Keith Black ICON, Hesco, 505 Performance
Main bearings: Summit Racing
Rod bearings: Summit Racing
Cam bearings: Summit Racing
Oil pumps: Summit Racing
Timing sets: Summit Racing
Camshaft & lifter kits: Summit Racing
Cam bolt, pin & spring: Hesco
Cam bolt washer: Hesco
Roller rocker arms: Summit Racing
Harmonic balancers: Summit Racing
Harmonic balancer spacer: Hesco
Freeze plugs: Summit Racing
Mopar Performance 5249464 valve springs: Summit Racing
Mopar Performance 4452032 valve spring retainers: Summit Racing
Mopar Performance 4529218 valve keepers: Summit Racing
Pushrods: Reuse stock 4.0, Hesco, Crower
Gaskets & seals: Summit Racing, Mopar Performance
Flowkooler high flow water pump: Summit Racing
Thermostats: Summit Racing
High flow thermostat housing: Hesco
Cylinder head bolts: Hesco 87-96, Hesco 97-06, Headbolts.com
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Re: Stroker Parts List

Post by Muad'Dib » January 31st, 2012, 5:51 pm

People can also look at the projects section and get a parts list. For example my project thread which has a nice parts list table:
http://www.jeepstrokers.com/forum/viewt ... f=8&t=2317

I am putting these posts in the FAQ.
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