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FINALLY got the FTC1. Diagrams/pinouts for a 2000 WJ?

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Re: FINALLY got the FTC1. Diagrams/pinouts for a 2000 WJ?

Post by gradon » August 2nd, 2012, 6:30 am

When I had my PSC-1, I tapped the RPM signal from the CMP(cam sensor), which is on the passenger side by the oil filter(was under the dizzy on the older jeeps). You intercept the MAP signal from the the middle output wire of the MAP mounted to your throttle body. You'll obviously be using the built-in 2-bar MAP of the FTC-1, since you are boosted, but you'll be telling the PCM MAP values that'll work while in boost. I guess the timing signal will come from the CKP(crank), which comes up to the driver's side firewall and is held in place by the last fuel rail stud. Now if you want it to be a clean install, you'll trace those wires to where they plug into the pcm and tap/cut them there and install the FTC there. www.nagca.com might help

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