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map questions

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map questions

Post by 4.6MJ » December 14th, 2011, 8:40 am

not entirely sure im posting in the right section but...
finally got my 4.6 mj running after sending it to the shop, now im having an entirely new problem. i have this engine a little hot with 24 lb/h enjectors from venom racing, built a map adjuster from a schematic found on angelfire.com which seemed pretty legit. the truck sputters at about 1800 to 2k rpms when running, however if you give it a little extra gas it goes and continues to go as long as you dont let off the throttle. tried to adjust the fuel curve with the adjuster and now my problem is when i switch on the map adjuster the truck rolls over and sputters but wont start, even when set to the stock voltage. im not sure whats going on, maybe the adjuster is messed up or whatever, either way any suggestions will be much appreciated.
thanks a bunch

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