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Good bye coil rail.

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I made it to triple digits!
I made it to triple digits!
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Re: Good bye coil rail.

Post by woodjeep » October 8th, 2019, 7:03 am

<r>Well I was running out of time...stroker almost ready for an install next week and I had to have a running coil pack so I lopped off the alignment rail that did not fit my connector..slides on and locks no problems. No where on my coil pack are the numbers 5c 1432 but I went to several auto parts on line and every picture for 5c1432 had a unit with the same plug numbers on the terminals... Problem was I could not conclusively tell what terminal went to what plug without trial and error. I could not cross reference the terminals with the firing order of what cars this unit goes on to. Luckily darkcorp posted a drawing of how he did it on page 3 of this thread...it worked but I could not confirm scientifically....Terminals 3 and 6 went to plugs 1 and 6.....term 1 and 4 went to plugs 2 and 5...and terminals 5 and 2 went to plugs 3 and 4. I don't have a mounting bracket made yet just bungeed really secure to my ac hoses ..but it works
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