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I’m old school help with this swap.

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I’m old school help with this swap.

Post by Blissfuljeep » April 2nd, 2019, 9:21 pm

Ok so I just dropped 3k on my 4.2 amc in-line 6. Well lightning hit the free and dropped a limb on the Jeep. So my 89 wrangler is not any good. I got a great deal on a 94 wrangler Sahara with a blown engine and no trans. I want to drop my 4.2 into it in place of the 4.0 that was in it. What all do I need to do wording wise. I don’t want nor line any of the computer stuff as when I’m at the mud hole I can’t plug it in to check. (Why I love the 4.2 it’s carbed and hei distributer). What do I need to do with mate this beauty to this Jeep.

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