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Valve train noise when cold

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Valve train noise when cold

Post by SkylinesSuck » December 29th, 2017, 5:11 am

It's been pretty chilly here as I'm sure a lot of you are also experiencing. Single digit lows and highs around freezing or lower. I have noticed a lot more valve train noise on initial start up and for the first couple of minutes until it starts getting warmed up. It's more than I remember over the past couple winters. I do remember a bit of piston slap before that went away rather quick, but this isn't that.

I just installed a new cam and lifters over the spring (thanks again Russ) and went two sizes smaller on the push rods (.1 smaller?). I'm wondering if maybe that was too short? Could not enough lifter preload cause this and if so, is it anything to worry about? I try to let it idle a few minutes to warm up, but I'm not always able.

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