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Transmission pan help

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Transmission pan help

Post by optmaxx » September 14th, 2017, 11:28 pm

I went and bought a steel pan for my 1990 A999 instead of an aluminum pan cause the old one was warped and figured that a new steel pan with the new style plastic rubber gasket will fix my leak. For the most part, yes it did fix my leak cause there are no drops on the floor and the pan is dry except for one area which is making me believe that leak was coming from somewhere else too.

Right now it's been parked on flat ground for a week since the pan change, and it developed a small seepage on the hard to get bolt located in the rear corner on the passenger side (see pic). It hasn't formed a drop on the floor so it's a very slow leak that took a week to form, but I was wondering where it could be coming from cause I'm not too convinced it's coming from the pan. It's only on that corner, and I don't think it's from the bolt, like it's coming from somewhere over the bolt and the fluid ends up collecting on that bolt. Everywhere else is dry, and I did torque the bolts down to 14ft lb following a pattern. I know that fluid can leak from the top of the pan and collect down there, but any suggestions where this leak can be coming from? There are some drips on my catalytic converter which can be annoying.
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