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Tick/Rattle Diagnosis from Bellhousing Area

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Tick/Rattle Diagnosis from Bellhousing Area

Post by gabeM » July 6th, 2017, 5:10 am

Hey All,

I’m trying to diagnose a tick/rattle coming from my bellhousing area. Quick background… I broke a piston skirt on my 4.0 a while back. I picked up some parts from Russ and had a local performance shop build a 4.7. I swapped the motor out myself and immediately I noticed a ticking noise that seemed to be coming from the bellhousing area. I knew my trans was in rough shape and had a questionable looking input shaft, so I assumed it was trans. related (after looking over the obvious stuff… exhaust, flex plate/inspection plate, torque converter bolts).

Fast forward about a year and I just wrapped up an AW4 swap and only have about 3k miles on the engine. Unfortunately, I’m still hearing the same noise. When I did the swap I picked up a new flex plate & torque converter, so I can probably rule those out.

The noise sounds almost exactly like a road bike exhaust cooling after you shut it off; Fairly distinct sharp ticks with no particular pattern/frequency. There’s no noise at any rpm when the motor is in neutral, and it’s pretty rare to non-existent when the load on the motor is low (In drive but not moving, cruising speed on a flat surface or going down hills, etc.). It’s most noticeable at low speeds when there’s a large load on the motor. It’s not really loud enough to hear at higher speeds, so I’m not sure if it’s still there or not. I'm going to do some more poking around tonight to try to narrow down the source.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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