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02 4.0L rebuild Parts Recomandations

For all non stroker / performance related problems and discussion.
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02 4.0L rebuild Parts Recomandations

Post by Mousejockey » May 24th, 2017, 8:40 pm

I am rebuilding a motor for the jeep. It has the "Every 4.0 makes that noise" sound.
I use the jeep as a daily and also run the Rubicon and Fordyce several times a year (2 hours away)
I have another vehicle, but want the rig to be dependable and preform
Not looking to stroke it, but an upgrade on the cam or other parts would be nice as long as no mods to the intake, exhaust or fuel system are needed
California vehicle so smog tests are a factor
I picked up a used reman MOPAR motor to use while I rebuilt the one in the jeep.
Long story short, Im now rebuilding the MOPAR reman
Water damage in #3 from sitting, shop thinks .030 will clean it up otherwise hes recommending a sleeve
Crank 'should' be ok with a polish
2 rods require reconditioning
5 of the 6 pistons are cracked (replacing anywho due to overbore)
cam chewed up, not even going to wonder why
what oil that remained in the motor was closer to tar
Dropping the head off in the morning to have it gone over

My request to all of you, who are better at this than I, is what parts should I use? I am not looking for the extreme end of awesomeness, but Im not interested in a kit from flea-bay either.
What are solid, proven parts to use? What is a good cam to use? Would the cam require better springs?
Oil pump rebuild/replace/upgrade?
Exhaust manifolds good brand? not really interested in headers but if they are CA SMOG and worth it .....
Bearings expansion plugs gaskets yadda yadda yadda
Will being .030 over effect the 'performance' at all? Is there something to do to 'adjust' for it?

I want to do this once. Much cheaper than doing it twice
I understand that a motor, a GOOD running motor isnt about what cam it has, or what pistons, but rather how each and every one of the parts work together. The knowledge on putting those pieces together cant be done online, so Im asking those who already know

Or is there a kit out there that fits my needs?

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