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Nifty Shifter for AW4 slushbox (NS)

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Nifty Shifter for AW4 slushbox (NS)

Post by TJryder » August 15th, 2021, 4:02 pm

Since I had a great experience with Nick and his Nifty Shifter I am giving a shout out. No afiliation of whatsoever - just happy as a radio. :banana:

Nick has designed a device that can take almost full control of AW4 , Renix and OBD2 version.

It basically enables you to toggle between manual and auto setting with a flick of a switch.

Additionally - you can control lockup of torque converter with a second switch, topically on a supplied box for a large segmented LED that displays which gear you in and TC status (locked / open)

You can set it up in almost any imaginable configuration and this was also one thing that got me confused. Otherwise installation is super easy, no wire cutting required, you can always go back (but I doubt anyone will want to :D )

I wanted to have control of lockup of TC both in Manual mode and in Auto mode. Wrote to Nick and he gave me prompt support. Super helpful.

So now after two months of use - I can confirm much improved mileage as I am almost always driving in TC locked mode. The tranny shifts almost like a modern DSG box. You have a benefit of engine breaking, no nonsense RPM bump up for any desire of change of speed.

I did not measure - but I am certain that also tranny is running cooler.

Check the video from Nick: https://youtu.be/ntXTQAsO_sc

Where to get it: https://nickintimedesign.com/product/aw ... -jr-v1-96/
Check the year of your Jeep before ordering!

My setup (quote from Nick), 1990 Renix
Ok, so it sounds like we want this setup:

Nifty Shifter [P] switch should be ON (2 dots) so that the power/comfort switch controls the Nifty Shifters manual mode.

To control the Torque Converter with the Screen Switch, we need to wire the Screen Switch Output (White) to the Torque Converter Input (Orange.)

To Control the Torque Converter in Auto and Manual mode, the Nifty Shifter [T] switch should be ON (2 dots.)

Also, the Torque Converter is not designed to work in 1st gear so it’s possible there is a mechanical limitation there. It should function in 2nd through 4th fine though.

Hope this helps.

I have done 3,5RE lift, 4,88 regear, TB boring and porting - but man - NS is best upgrade of them all!

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