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Stroker 2229 pistons and other stuff --Located in sweltering Fredericksburg, VA

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Stroker 2229 pistons and other stuff --Located in sweltering Fredericksburg, VA

Post by yuppiexj » July 21st, 2020, 5:57 am

Located in sweltering Fredericksburg, VA

Set of 6 stroker pistons +.030 2229 dished to 26cc -NEVER USED -$150

Energy suspension XJ front end poly kit (New/Unused but somehow missing one bushing) - included
1994? replacement XJ ignition coil (New/unused) - included
4 manual window hand crank black - included
XJ engine mount NIB - included
Super cool custom upholstered 84-95 XJ sun visor - included
4.0 Brass Freeze Plug set - you guessed it, included.

sensing a theme?

any other Jeep parts I come across as cleaning out the garage - included

If you want other than the pistons, shoot me offer.
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