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Stroker Parts Sale Maryland

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Stroker Parts Sale Maryland

Postby adtarr » January 30th, 2018, 4:05 pm

All parts new in box. PayPal preferred.

Will sell in one lot for discount.

Eagle H Beam steel rods. Part number CRS6150A3D. These are no longer made and will work with any AMC or Jeep inline 6 including the 258, 242, 232, and 199. They have ARP bolts in them as well.
$500 shipped

Scat Pro Stock I-Beam Connecting Rods 2-ICR40L-6125P JEEP I6
Summit: $301
Ask: $250 shipped

ICON Performance Pistons IC945-030 - Pistons, Forged, Dish, 3.905 in. Bore, 5/64 in., 5/64 in., 3/16 in. Ring Grooves
Summit: $511
Ask: $350 shipped

New TRW L2480 AMC 258 6 CYL .030 PISTON SET, 'powerforged' 1.598" ch .140" cup
Ask: $175 shipped

Lunati 10680700K Voodoo Complete Kit (V250H-12)
Summit: $407
Ask: $250 shipped

Crane 99278-12 Anti- Pump Up Hydraulic Lifters
Crane Cams 753901 H-260-2 Camshaft
Summit: $206
Ask: $125 shipped

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