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97 Garage Build

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97 Garage Build

Post by SDbasedXJ » June 25th, 2020, 1:48 pm

I feel like I've become a solitaire stroker knowledge monk in the last 4 days. Sun up to sun down I study at the achient texts of jeep4.0performance angelfire.com. I know pin heights and part numbers by hearts. People are starting to wonder if I'm still alive until the see me run out out to the garage and check my deck height for the umpteenth time.
Is this normal?
Am I going to be okay?
:? :? :?

So here's where were at: a couple weeks ago I heard a strange noise coming form the engine bay of my '97 XJ and naturally now the entire engine is in pieces all over my garage. (thanks YouTube :roll:) It turns out the noise was a strange spun rod bearing. My first thought was to re-grind the rod journals and bring her back to stock myself, get her her running in a short time frame and keep the costs under the $1600 I was quoted for a rebuild. But then I thought more power. And then I found this forum.

So my goals would be to build a weekend warrior over-lander/trail-runner with enough ponies to make a JK owner remember that their V6 was designed for mini-vans. I'm operating out of SoCal and would like to be able to enjoy everything from Yosemite to Cabo. A good road trip is just as important to me as being able to hop a few rocks when I get there.

So this this is build I'm considering:
Pistons Keith Black KB424C $280.00
Piston Rings Enginetech C38856 $25.00
Crankshaft Casting 3214723 $150.00
Main Bearings Enginetech BB612J $21.24
Rod Bearings Enginetech BC468J $10.00
4.0L Rod x1 Enginetech ECR108 $27.00
Full Gasket Set, Enginetech J242K-1 $65.00
Freeze Plug (Brass) Enginetech PK256B $12.93
Timing Chain Kit, Enginetech TS385A $36.64
Oil Pump, Stock Enginetech EPK103 $31.93
Lifters Enginetech L2011 $26.00
Cam Bearings, Enginetech CC480 $10.22
Valve Spring Enginetech $45.00
Roller Rockers Harland Sharp S4096 $350.00
Head Bolt Set Enginetech HB201 $18.00
Cam Shaft $150.00
Block Machine Work Clean/Inspect $65.00
Block Machine Work Bore and Hone $169.00
Block Machine Work Deck $124.00
Block Machine Work Cam Bearings $30.00
Head Machine Work Clean/Inspect $30.00
Head Machine Work Valve job $200.00
Head Machine Work Bolt hole Repair $35.00
Crank Machine Work Grind Journals $130.00
Rod Machine Work Weight Balance $50.00
Rod Machine Work Press Pins $40.00
Total $2,131.96

These are the stats were looking at.
Stroke 3.895 in
Bore 3.905 in
Rods 6.125 in
Pin Height 1.353 in
Current Deck Height 9.451 in
Deck Mil 0.015 in
Gasket Thickness 0.043 in
Dish 27.5 cc
Combustion Chamber 56.7 cc
Quench 0.054 in
Deck Clearance 0.011 in
Displacement 280 ci
Displacement 4.6 L
Combustion Volume 93.9 cc
Cylinder Volume 764.4 cc
Compression Ratio 9.1
Dyn. Cmprsn. Ratio 8.6

These are the Cams I'm considering.
Comp Cams 68-201-4 212/212 110 lobe sep 36 ABDC IVC 0.447/0.447 Lift
Comp Cams 68-231-4 206/214 111 lobe sep 34 ABDC IVC 0.462/0.485 Lift
Comp Cams 68-232-4 206/212 113 lobe sep 36 ABDC IVC 0.460/0.476 Lift

What do you guys think? Do you see any ways I can save some money? What cam would you run?

Also you guys might enjoy checking out the spreadsheet I created. It has a dynamic compression ratio calculator built it. You can make a copy for yourself and play with it. Change any of the values in italics. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

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Re: 97 Garage Build

Post by B.Curvin » May 3rd, 2021, 2:25 am

Thanks for the spread sheet, and good luck.

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