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4.7 Stroker running hot under load

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Making Progress
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Re: 4.7 Stroker running hot under load

Post by Cummins90 » September 10th, 2019, 11:23 am

I do it with an AEM Fuel Ignition Controller (FIC) it let's me piggyback the ECU so I can run bigger injectors, retard timing, clamp the manifold sensor and alter o2 signals for boost on my turbocharger kit.

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Re: 4.7 Stroker running hot under load

Post by mixedupjeeps » September 15th, 2019, 5:19 am

I did some more testing and found a clue. I went out and tested 5 of the rigs in my driveway using my IR temp gauge. I measured the top and bottom radiator hoses to see how much of a temp drop the radiator was providing. The readings ranged from 60-20 degrees for the ones I tested except my son's Comanche which shows no change in temp. The test was done at idle at normal operating temp. Some have told me that the high flow water pump and thermostat are the cause saying its moving the water too fast. The motor had all of the high flow stuff on it when it was in my Jeep and it had no heating problems. The radiator that he has is a Novak V8 conversion radiator with one core but the core is close to 3 inches wide. Maybe he has some plugged lines in the radiator ?

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