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My plan is to replace the stock 4.0 6-cyl engine with a GM V6 from the 1970s which originally had a 5.125" bore and 3.86" stroke, for 478 cid. There is enough meat on the rod journals (2.81" dia) to offset regrind it to a 4.25" stroke with Chrysler BB journals, for 552 cid with a .125" overbore (to 5.25"). The engine comes with big valve heads. I do jeeping in the Colorado mountains, up to 10,000-12,000'. At these altitudes normally aspirated engines lose over 50% of their power. I am going with a big V6 because the jeep computer and EFI system is for a 6-cyl engine, and everything will transfer over except the fuel injectors, which will have to be of greater capacity. The computer will never know the difference. I have an '06 Rubicon, which has strong-enough axles already. This particular V6 is a 60-degr engine (i.e. narrow) and no longer than a Ford 302 V8. It is a little heavier than the 4.0 however. Don't stay tuned for progress.

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